Hello! I’m Jade a uk based freelance designer, I live and work in and around Lancashire.

I have skills ranging from simple logo design and branding to full web site creation for more information about this checkout my personal site at www.rgbdesignuk.com for  more details about my full portfolio the portfolio on this  site  will be update from  time to  time but  the best place  to  see my current work is on  rgb.


I have been working with WordPress for over 5 years, When the web was young in the 90s I used to work as a website designer just using good old HTML since then I have moved on to CSS, XHTML and teaching myself PHP and CSS. In 2012 I graduated from the university of central Lancashire with a full degree in graphic design.

I love  to draw and the charicter  to the Right  is Ciri  from a web comic which I  some time draw called design issues  this can be  found  at designissues.co.uk

this site is here mainly for my personal blog and  peronal updates please  see RGBDesigns for more info on my professional work.

My grounding in web design and graphics has allowed me a rather unusual perspective on web site and digital design. Unlike other web designers I don’t look at things from a purely code perspective I also like to take the time to look at things from a design perspective. This gives me an advantage in the design world that I can design apps and magazines based on what not only looks good but what also works well. If you wish to speak to me about hiring me or just for a quick discussion about design and my work please feel free to contact me contact me.