Deciding of Life Priorites

since the events of last year the god awful break up which left my life upside down and me rapidly spinning out of control I had only just at the time started working for my self  so I was very stressed to say the least I do feel now over a year latter that I have started to pull things back together don’t get me wrong they are  by no means perfect as yet but they are getting better  day by day.

I’m now having CBT to help me  deal with the stress that I’ve been under during the relationship with he who shall not be named I had put on a lot of weight which I have only recently started to shed.  So back to the gym it is for me  and lot of healthy eating My diet is seriously improved but this can fluctuate most of the foods Ive been eating have had mostly been vegetarian I’ve also found my love of cooking again.

red guacamole I made with onions, baby tomatoes and tomato puree with veggie burgers  this was great guacamole

Ive also started to draw again  which is some thing that I love.

I went on a date on saturday we spent the whole day talking about  random stuff it was great I hope we meet up again.

so all in all things are looking  up whoop .

So what i relay need to keep doing is focus on doing things that help me out and can keep me moving forward.

fingerprint art

I was  doing  a Illustration brief  for uni  which I’m no longer doing  any way  here are  a couple of the ones  that I did

My new Monogram

This is  part of  a  recent project I’ve  been  working on in uni  aqnd  I think I’ve  finaly  got it to  a stage that I’m happy with it.

Mac Terro

This was found on Adbusters  web site today  I thinck the image says it all  I offten go to MacDonalds  just to walk out wondering why I thought it was a good idea to go and eat there in the first place.

The full article and image can be  found  at

Photo Mosaic

Based on idea from a computer arts magazine I took a picture from a friends modeling web site and created a photo mosaic using a contact sheet in Photoshop I love the end effect very funky

orginal image taken from