Erotic much

This Evening I went to a rather erotic art exhibition well I did rather enjoy it very interesting works and rather well painted I thought well yet another rather stressfully old day at work

I managed to get some work done but that was it then I left to meet my dad to head down to old St to see the exhibit I have attached a few of the pieces here that i liked the most.

It was great to see some art again I haven’t been to a art gallery for months.
I suppose its the artist coming out in me LOL gawd I relay do need to get back to drawing I haven’t done any in weeks and the ones that i did do then came out very craply.



Wiped pure web site

I love this web site not that I’m really into the game or any thing I just love the way it’s been designed the music section its fantastic go check it out wipeout pure music can be found under the game info section.
click sit and enjoy guys bye youall