Writing Idea

I’ve been thinking for a while about an idea of setting a topic for a story and then getting a group of my friends to write there own piece for each subject thats come up with they would only need to be short storys nothing longer and a few pages around  2000 words and repeat this every few months with a view of binding all of the best ones into to a collected works.


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Self Employment

Its been a long time coming but final I’ve taken the plunge into self employment the fun of the chase the horro of  perhaps  not having  enough money to make ends meet its fun and daunting all at the same time I’ve done a number of jobs already and I’m rapidly increasing my client base though a great web site called People Per Hour  I Would totally recommend this  site for any one intending  to become  self employed .

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Make your Mac a touch screen computer on the cheap

I found  this  on  you tube  today  apprently  you can  make  you mac  a  touch screen  with  some  spray mount  and  cling film  and  a few wires all I can say is OMG.