Weight loss and exercising

In February of  2018, I decided this was it im going to get in shape and 2 months later I had partly. achieved this I had started to lose weight and get into shape.

I have altered me. the diet I now eat low carb high protein which I always thought was a bad idea but hey it seems to have worked so far. I’ve gone from being 18 stone 9  to around 17 stone 4 so I’m slowly getting there and to use an old adage slow and steady wins the race.

my goal is to get back down to around 11 stone that will have mean with the weight that I have lost previously plus my current weight loss a total loss of nearly half my body weight which isn’t easy.

I’m not sure how it’s going to feel to get there I think I may have a massive  celebration at my halfway point lol I’m starting to document  my changes  on my facebook and Instagram pages  so follow me on there for more regular updates I’ll try to post on here at least once a week.

I have also started to swim at least 2 times a week I also have gone back to doing roller derby which I absolutely love I have loved to skate since I was younger it’s one of my fondest childhood memories.

I remember getting a pair of skates when I was around 16 and nearly going everywhere on them but ill post about this another time.

my routine consists of one pt training session per week and two sessions at the gym on my own and a group session once a week.

then add in somewhere in the middle of that around 500 to 1000 m of the swimming pool per week and one skating session per week

One thing I have been lacking in which is my step count I believe if  I could get this in check I would see better gains on my weight loss journey.

Anyway that my first post in a while I shall be updating this once a week from now on so watch this space.