Retro fun human space invaders

As part of one  of  my current uni projects I’m deisgning a web site so I thought I’d redo  the  retroaddiction site I used to run  while searching for stuff on space invaders I found the bellow video on youtube

Make your Mac a touch screen computer on the cheap

I found  this  on  you tube  today  apprently  you can  make  you mac  a  touch screen  with  some  spray mount  and  cling film  and  a few wires all I can say is OMG.

The ebay song

for all of thoes out there that hate and love ebay heres the ebay song it s a luagh if you’ve ever brought some thing crap off ebay.


Poket mod

the pocket mod anouther one for all you hipster pda lovers seen here >>

if you like thoes well your going to love these pocket mod there fantastic and you dont have to pay out loads of cash on thoe cute little pages to add to your filofax if you still use one of thoes outdated things hipsterpdas and pocket mods are the way to go seen below

Print fold and enjoy