Time management

I’ve recently been taking on a lot  and I’m finding my time is split more and more between personal projects and projects for friends and actual paid work I’m currently building a site for a charity  and  have editing to do for some one else  and I’m supposed to doing photos and filming for a comedy night on sundays all of this is  unpaid  work this does mean that with all of this I have very little spare time to focus on unpaid work for people  so I’m think what I’m going to have to do is put a slow down on the unpaid stuff.

I was speaking to a business mentor the other day who suggested  that i set aside  a set amount of time each month that I can focus on unpaid  work which i think is fair and by far a better way  of doing things  any thing out side of this time would have  to be answered with a request  for some remuneration for my time time is money  after all.

At the end of the day it comes down to the fact even though I work for my self doesn’t mean that I can work for free which is true I have bills to pay I have retirement to save up for just like every one else does.

the down side to this is that it does mean I haven’t had much time to focus on my drawing  which is something that Ive recently got back into.

some images attached.




Using a inkling

Ive had a inkling  since last year my  usage  of it varies  from month  to month and  I love  to draw I’m a graphic artist  after all, I love  technology  and  what it  can bring  to my artistic endeavours the inkling is one such  device it allows me to draw on paper  which i find  nicer  and simpler  todo  than  using a tablet  which i can find  tricky  but  it also  give  me the options of layers   which means  I can  put  down a layout  wireframe  for a drawing  then I can over lay  that  with  the final  pice all using the same device and  while still keeping all of this in layers  which  i can  strip away  latter

on the down  side it isn’t always  perfect  it  doesn’t  always keep  your lines  in the same  place which  does mean it  requires  some clean up after   you have  drawn  your  image  but  for  something that allows  me  to  bring  some thing into the digital  world that is  from the physical world  well  you  can  hope  for complete perfection

frackitthis  image  is one I drew on my  way back from my Christmas  trip to London side by side  you can  see  the difference  between  the  two and  where I’ve cleaned up/altered  the digital version  ill be honest the sketchy  feel  to the drawing in partly  due to the train and partly  due  to the way I was drawing on that day  it  did have  some  clean up in  illustrator  to make it clean  all in all i love the inking  for what  it does  and the interface it provides  to allow  you  to  translate  drawings  from paper to digital format with little hassle I would however like  to see  perhaps a updated version that  renders line positioning more actuarially


blah blah drunken post


well well images from today andf some from the second half of last week

new computer system available the new washing drum 2000 will run with a cahe speed of 500 and with its top end graphics card is great for all your graphics editing needs(found across the road from my gaff).

the wages were payed infruit today at babe100
fen was very please wit her life time supply of mangos.

the stangest stecil art you’ll fond just round the corner from your home.

well i just thought this one looked nice plus it was on my way to work and also plus its against the law to take phots on the tube ooo im such a rebel.