Take me away from here

take me away from here away from the wind and snow

take me to place where the the sun shines and the wind doesn’t blow

take me where there’s no snow no rain or no wind to blow

take me to a place where there’s no sorrow

no pain or heartache

Fools Game: Written 2002

I sit here night after night wondering is my life ever going to come right this once beautiful body this lovely face now filled with spots with the poison imposed on it by the months of over eating to try to shut out the world,

The alcohol which followed was good for the mind when used but once stopped the terrible effects are seen the pitted out liver the cloths that don’t fit from what was once so enjoyed how can so much hurt come.

On the edge of it on the brink of the brake down on the edge of madness trying to hard not to play the fool.

The Wonder Of Love: Written 2002

I wonder will he ever come the one true love I’ve always wanted not the one that who made me brake down, I want to feel love, I sit here writing to help my thought my feelings of love my feelings of sorrow I’m sure it will all come right tomorrow.

A New Day: Writen 2002

I wish tomorrow would come, she was told don’t do that she was told you’ll wish you never did she stayed up all night to wait for the dawn but when it came she was under the covers with lids tightly closed.

When she awoke the day was all but spent the day that she had waited for for so long had come and gone, a day wasted remember this lesson and learn it well not to wish for the day you want because it comes to soon and your whole life will be spent in waiting.