fingerprint art

I was  doing  a Illustration brief  for uni  which I’m no longer doing  any way  here are  a couple of the ones  that I did

Retro fun human space invaders

As part of one  of  my current uni projects I’m deisgning a web site so I thought I’d redo  the  retroaddiction site I used to run  while searching for stuff on space invaders I found the bellow video on youtube

My new Monogram

This is  part of  a  recent project I’ve  been  working on in uni  aqnd  I think I’ve  finaly  got it to  a stage that I’m happy with it.

Mac Terro

This was found on Adbusters  web site today  I thinck the image says it all  I offten go to MacDonalds  just to walk out wondering why I thought it was a good idea to go and eat there in the first place.

The full article and image can be  found  at

Make your Mac a touch screen computer on the cheap

I found  this  on  you tube  today  apprently  you can  make  you mac  a  touch screen  with  some  spray mount  and  cling film  and  a few wires all I can say is OMG.