Dyslexia and writing

Story time when I was a child my school teachers labeled me as aproblem child becuase I didnt learn at the same pace as others  I was expelled from one school and didnt renter the education system again for nearly a year through out this  time I was stamented  as being dyslexic school has never been a great place for me from bullying to being told by a teacher at the age of 12 that I would never amount to anything inlife has alway affected me in two ways its affected my self confidence in how good I am at things I have a tendancy .

to give up on things when they become too hard for me which becomes aggravates me in a lot of ways I don’t want to be that person that gives up at the first. hurdle so I have been slowly working . on bettering this part of my self.

however, that black dog depression always seems . to want . to rear its ugly head to try . and put the dampeners on this depersion can be like a nice comfy blanket that. you have had . for years it’s easier . to fall back into bad habits than it is to make new ones.

all of this comes. together . to make a perfect storm of self-doubt and social anxiety writing is great but I very rarely post on my blog because my spelling and grama is really bad I wish it was better I want to be able . to throw a switch . in my head and measure that everything fits. but it never does for me writing. as a dyslexic . can be a dusting. experience of trying to remember. how . to spell and. wanting to get. all the. thoughts in. your . head . down on “paper” I love . to write but I also hate it. at the same. time as I have always been. ridiculed for how bad my spelling and grama is.

even. with spelling. checkers . and software lie Grammarly it can be hard I feel its a process of writing them. re-reading. and. writing. what I have. written out.

Again I feel. annoyed with my self that. something that so many . take . for granted is. something that seems . to escape me a lot of the time.

I hope going forward that I can keep this up and improve my writing skills as I go I have always wondered if how writing feels . to others if it is just dyslexia. a thing or do others find spelling and grammar things that are hard. to grasp.



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