project management triangle

I have  been freelanceing  for nearly  2 years now on and off and  I feel that I have  quite  a good grasp  of   the market  place and  how things  work

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and  as the  following image  shows  there is always  going to be  a direct  coloration  between  scope(ie what the project  requires) cost( how much  your  willing to spend ) and schedule( how long  you have yo complete  said  project ) all of these have an effect on  what  the quality  of the final  product is going to be   such as  some body  as king  for a  site to be built  that  mimics  say  google for £100 you may  find  somebody that is willing to  do this  for you  for that price but its  going to  take a while to get that  site its not going to be a rush  job.

This brings me to my point  all clients  out there please  don’t take this  to much to heart but  are  you mad when you ask a professional to build  you a fully  working site  with all bells and whistles included  with in 2 days  for £100.00  this is not  really feasible  you can get it done  in that  time scales yes but as its a rush  job and  your  designers is  more than likely  going to have yo pull a all night to get it completed for you in that time scale .

Your going to get charged more I’m sorry  but that is the way of things and it upsets me that people can not get this  there is a direct  connection between  time and cost  the saying time is money is not simply that a saying it is a truth  that many  people in the freelancing  world  live and work by.

Because  that  fact  of the matter is that  when i spend a whole weekend  building your site that is a whole weekend that I have lost and I am not getting to spend with my friends or family . this brings me  down to the roots of  this at the end of the day  would  you work a full weekend  on a project for some one else and expect to  get paid a pitance I don’t think  you would  now would you .


a few examples of client stupid ness can be found here


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