Spoon Theory

I was  reading  the  spoon theory  by  Christine Miserandino  on her  site  www.butyoudontlooksick.com and  was thinking  how  this applied  to a situation  I had  last  year  and  is still on going  with the  local  council and my  council tax  where I live they  had  made a decision that  if  I was able  to sign in  at the job centre  for JSA and  get a business up and running  for a period of nearly  4 months that  i should have  been well enough to be able  to  get  my  claim  for  council tax benefit  in  on  time ( to be honest  at the  time I was very  low on spoons  and was barely  getting out of bed  most mornings).

how ever for  various  reasons  including a  really  bad bout  of  depression  which  had   been affecting me  since  january  of last  year  and  had  come and  gone  for the for the whole year  and to be  honest  still is  holding on for  dear life  rather like the black dog  cartoon.  I had also  broken  up with my   ex who  has taken me and my finances  for a bit  of a joy ride to say the least and  I m having  to service various  debts  created by him. I’m  getting  a little off  point  here  though.

So the issues  is that   the council  says  that I should  have  been  able  to  get my  claim  in  for  council tax benefit  with  no  hassle at  all I’m  sorry  I don’t  think  this is the case at the  time  my  “Spoon Count”  was very  low  to say the least and as  said  before I was barely  getting  out of  bed in the morning  a majority of the  time I spelt  though  whole days  I was  working  from bed  when I  could  to be honest the last  thing  on my  mind  was  getting  out of the house and  going  to the  city  council  hall  to get  extra  stuff  sorted  but  unfortunately  it  would  appear that my  case  has  been  dealt  with  yet  again  by  somebody   who has no  idea  about mental  health and  how it affects a person  slow clap  to that individual there.

if any  one is reading  this out there  how  do you  find  you deal  with mental of  physical illness  do you  use  spoon theory  to explain  your  situations  or  do you have another method  please let me  knowI’m always interested in how others deal with these things  .

Thanks  to  a friend  of  mine  Kat  for introducing  me to spoon theory.